Struggling to Find Candidates? Your Biggest Competition is the Government

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Struggling to Find Candidates? Your Biggest Competition is the Government

Due to unemployment incentives, the government is now a large competitor to employers. In addition to having to combat regular competitors in the search for top talent. You also have to consider what government agencies are offering. Here are a few things you can do to incentivize employees to work for you and compete with what else is being offered in your industry.

Unemployment Benefits

Right now, many people have been able to collect unemployment from the United States government. In some cases, what people are getting paid is more than they made working their regular job. So, going back to work for less money isn’t all that enticing.

For employers, finding a way to compete with the benefits being offered can be difficult. This is especially true during a time where many companies have had to cut back hours. However, if you are in need, there are some things you can do to make yourself more competitive in the current job market.

Offer Higher Pay

First and foremost, offering minimum wage or low pay won’t get you very far in today’s world. You need to think about how you can offer higher pay. Look at what others in the industry are offering their employees and strive to provide something similar, or higher.

If you can’t offer a higher salary for incoming or returning employees, consider how you can work with them so they may keep their unemployment benefits. Many employees who return to work part-time are still able to collect some benefits. This helps mitigate the risk for them and for you as an employer. You can do this by decreasing hours or considering a one week on, one week off, furlough system.

Consider Your Benefits Package

Outside of what you can offer in terms of salary, consider what you are providing in your benefits package. Many employees are looking for things like healthcare coverage, paid time off, and other perks to incentivize them to return to work. Look at what your competitors are offering and see how you can stand out. This will help you be more competitive in the job market all around.

Be Flexible

Another thing you can do to compete with other employers in the industry is to provide more flexibility to your employees. When possible, offer remote work settings for employees. This can help them achieve work-life balance more easily in some cases. After working from home or being out of work for a year, returning to a workplace may also be overwhelming. So, offering remote work is a huge perk for many employees.

You can also discuss other flexibility options with potential employees and get a feel for what they might be interested in. Altered schedules, such as being able to come in earlier and leave earlier, may be attractive to parents who need to care for kids after school. You can also consider offering shorter four-day workweeks instead of five. This can save you money on hourly pay and also give your employees extra time to unplug from work, which is often needed.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Something else to consider when it comes to finding the best candidates for your company is working with a staffing agency. They can help you look at how competitive you are within your industry. Agencies can also help you craft a perfect job description, source and vet candidates, assist you in the interview process, and even help with onboarding.

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