Are You Bilingual? Here’s Why Employers Want to Hire You

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Are You Bilingual? Here’s Why Employers Want to Hire You

Whether you speak Spanish, French, German, or another language, being able to speak languages other than English is a perk when it comes to seeking employment. The ability to be able to speak more than one language has become a highly sought-after skill for many employers. Not only does this potentially give them the ability to reach more people, but it also expands cultural diversity within their organization. Here are a few other reasons employers want to hire you if you are bilingual.

Your Linguistic Skills Can Benefit the Company

Being bilingual has been considered a hot skill to have when seeking a job for a number of years now. When it comes down to it, your ability to be able to communicate with a wider range of people will directly benefit the company in a multitude of ways. Not only that, but your ability to take the time to learn a second language tells your potential employer a lot about you. It demonstrates a strong work ethic, the ability to learn and makes you more culturally aware, in general.

Expand the Business’ Reach

Bilingual employees also tend to make more money than coworkers who only speak one language. This is mainly because workers who speak more than one language can significantly improve the business’ reach. When you consider how many people speak different languages around the globe, and even within the United States, having someone who can effectively communicate with those individuals in their native tongue is invaluable.

Foreign Corporations Look for People Who Speak English

Being able to speak more than one language in addition to English can also improve your chances of being hired by foreign corporations. Oftentimes, they look for people who speak their native language and English. This is so that they can reap the two benefits mentioned above. So, ultimately, being bilingual will help improve your chances of finding work because more corporations around the world will be looking for someone like you.

Bridge Cultural Gaps in the Industry

On top of the ability to speak to someone in their native language, people who are bilingual or multi-lingual can also relate to individuals in other cultures. You are more likely to be mindful of certain customs and etiquette. In the U.S., gestures like eye contact and handshaking aren’t always acceptable in other cultures. Your knowledge of this can benefit the company you work for in a number of ways, including closing on large business deals and continuing to expand their market.

Improve Communications

All around, having someone who can speak multiple languages on staff can help improve communications. Not only will you be able to communicate with potential clients in their native tongue, but you also communicate effectively. You are more cognizant of how people speak to one another, and that is an important tool to have under your belt. For employers, it can be extremely valuable.

We Can Help You Find a Job

If you’re a worker whose first language is something other than English, working with a staffing agency that is fluent in your native language can help you find a job. Top Notch Personnel has the resources to help bilingual and multi-lingual individuals find work.

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