Injured on the Job? Here’s Why You May Want to Rethink Workers Comp

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Injured on the Job? Here’s Why You May Want to Rethink Workers Comp

Worker’s compensation attorneys use the same wording: “get what you deserve.”  However, there are no guarantees that you will win or that you will receive anything. Plus they take around 25% of the settlement in the end. Good employers are on the same side as their employees. They want to make sure they are healthy and taken care of. Here is why you may want to rethink workers comp.

Filing Workers Comp is More of a Hassle

More often than not, going through the process of filing worker’s compensation is more of a hassle than it is worth. You often spend time off of work, usually unpaid, while having to pay for the assistance of a lawyer. When all is said and done, going through this process can also paint a negative picture of you in the eyes of your employer. If you can return to work, it could be an unpleasant experience all around. It can also impact how your coworkers view you on the job.

Your Claim Could Be Denied

Just because you go through the process of filing for worker’s comp does not mean it will be approved. There are a number of factors that could lead to your claim being denied. You need to have witnesses to your injury. If it is unwitnessed, your claim will more than likely be denied. Your claim may also be denied if you did not immediately report the injury or there are discrepancies between your report and the medical findings. Additionally, if you test positive for any type of illegal substance when you file, your claim will not go through.

Your Employer Has Your Best Interest in Mind

In the end, it is often not worth filing for worker’s compensation because your employer has your best interest in mind. They will want to pay you for any time you need off and ensure you are healthy before returning to work. Most of the time, they also have insurance already in place for accidents on the job, so you will be covered. Filing for worker’s comp puts stress on your working relationship and also places additional stress on your employer. Have confidence in their desire to make things right and take care of you as their employee.

Secure an Attorney If Necessary

If absolutely necessary, you should secure an attorney and go through the necessary steps of filing for worker’s compensation. A lawyer will be able to help you navigate the legal parts of your claim. Keep in mind, they will take a cut of any settlement that you are awarded. Oftentimes, it is less than you would have made on the job. Be sure that you fully discuss this decision with your employer and know what all of your options are before you make that choice.

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Being able to work in a place that truly has your best interest in mind can provide you with a lot of peace of mind. If there is an injury in the workplace or any issue at all, you will know they care about your well-being as their employee. Top Notch Personnel can help you find a job that keeps all these things in mind. See what jobs are available and contact us to learn more.

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