Job Seekers Ask: Are There Fulfilling Career Opportunities in the Custodial and Janitorial Space?

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Job Seekers Ask: Are There Fulfilling Career Opportunities in the Custodial and Janitorial Space?

Job Seekers Ask: Are There Fulfilling Career Opportunities in the Custodial and Janitorial Space? 

The short answer is yes.

First, let’s dig a little deeper into what a custodian is. 

From job board giant Indeed:

Custodians are responsible for the cleanliness and professional appearance of a building. They sometimes use specialized cleaning equipment and maintain a thorough knowledge of cleaning supplies and tools. A custodian’s job responsibilities include:

  • Picking up trash
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors
  • Using industrial cleaning equipment if necessary
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Restocking bathroom supplies
  • Washing windows, dusting, and cleaning blinds and other window fixtures
  • Performing minor maintenance
  • Responding to requests from facility managers or others to clean spills or accidents


This is a pretty accurate description of a janitor’s typical daily regimen. Like any vocation though, there’s more to it than initially meets the eye. The buildings and facilities that janitors work in are as diverse as hospitals and warehouse facilities, and everything in between. And the jobs are as diverse as the facilities you work in.

In the janitorial field, there is ample opportunity for career growth, continuing education, and advancement. 

I think we would all agree that these are all attractive career traits. So let’s look at the details of what a career in custodial work looks like. We’ll start with a detailed look at the field of janitorial and custodial work. Then we’ll follow up with some advice on where to go and what to do to get started with a job search.  

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In this post job seekers will learn the answers to these key questions:

  • What Are the Responsibilities of a Janitor? 
  • Are There Educational or Other Credentials Required to Get Started?
  • Are there Additional Skills that Can Advance Your Career? 
  • What Are the Salary Ranges and Growth Potential? 
  • Are Janitors Recognized by Companies for Their Importance?
  • Are There Perks in the Janitorial Field?
  • So How Do I Get a Job as a Janitor Or Custodian? 


Let’s get started by looking a bit deeper into the day-to-day activities of a building custodian.

What are the responsibilities of a janitor? 

In addition to the basics from the Indeed definition, some additional responsibilities need to be mentioned. 

The building custodian is often in charge of physical building security, primarily access and egress through locked doors, gates, etc. Depending on the size of the facility, there is also a close working relationship with the facilities management team. In fact, in smaller facilities, the janitorial and facilities management roles are often one and the same. 

Depending on the size and scope of the facility, the janitorial staff may also be responsible for some level of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, as well as HVAC maintenance and troubleshooting.     

Janitorial staff also play a critical role in problem identification and escalation. Problems with building infrastructure, along with mechanical and electrical problems, sometimes need to be escalated quickly to outside partners, contractors, etc. The janitorial team is the tip of the spear in problem escalation!      

Are there educational or other credentials required to get started?

Normally a high school diploma is sufficient. There are generally no additional educational or certification requirements to enter the janitorial field. This is good news for job seekers who want to get started in an industry with low educational barriers to entry, and the opportunity to advance.  

There are certifications that can help janitorial and custodial maintenance workers add more value to their employers, and make themselves more marketable. Some of these include:

  • OSHA Safety and Health Specialist Certificate Program: General Industry
  • Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP)
  • Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM)
  • Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building Certification
  • Custodial Technician Certification  


Some of these certifications are available online and oftentimes your employer will pay for your certifications after you’re on the job for a specified period of time. If you’re new to the field, we suggest getting started and finding your niche before considering any certification programs. 

Are there additional skills that can advance your career?

Skills in the plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and HVAC trades will give you a huge advantage when competing for jobs and compensation. Even remedial skills in these areas should be mentioned on your resume and in the job application process.     

This is especially true in the smaller facilities, where you and your team may be assuming the facilities management role as well as the janitorial duties. 

What are the salary ranges and growth potential? 

According to ZipRecruiter the median custodian salary in the United States is $25,669. A Head of Custodial Services for a large corporation can make as much as $96,000. This shows you the potential in an industry characterized by significant growth.  

According to, “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that job openings in the field of janitors and building cleaners will increase by approximately 4% (annually) from 2019-2029…the highest wages were paid to janitors working for the postal service and mining operations.” 

The field of janitorial and custodial services is growing, and you can be part of it!

Are janitors recognized by companies for their importance?

First impressions are critically important. This is as true for buildings and facilities as it is for people. Building owners and property managers want their facilities to be squeaky clean! Clean, sanitary buildings are also necessary for the health of their occupants. We are all acutely aware of this in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Facility managers and owners are cognizant of the need for exceptional janitorial standards and the people who provide these standards.

Are there perks in the janitorial field? 

Yes! The custodial maintenance field is known for its flexibility, job satisfaction, and independence. Work schedules in the janitorial field can cover all three shifts. This depends on the position, and the facility operations schedules, but flexible shifts are often available to janitorial employees.

Your work tasks are often flexible as well. You will often have the flexibility to decide how to schedule your tasks as long as they’re complete within your shift. Also, if you’re open to flexible workforce options, you have multiple employment programs to consider, including:   

  • Temporary and Contract Positions
  • Temporary-to-Hire 
  • Direct Hire
  • Full and Part-Time Positions


Janitorial jobs can provide you with personal satisfaction and a career path with a future. 

If the janitorial trade sounds like something you would like to pursue, let us help you get started.

So how do I get a job as a janitor or custodian?

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