First Mover Advantage: Here’s Why You Need to Start Workforce Planning Right Now

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First Mover Advantage: Here’s Why You Need to Start Workforce Planning Right Now

The unemployment benefits from the Federal Reserve are expected to end in September 2021. The Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen, predicts that with the new stimulus package, we’ll back at full employment by 2022, which will be here before we know it. Before that happens, it’s important that employers get all of their recruiting ducks in a row. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Know What Skills Your Team is Lacking

There may be gaps in your current team that you need additional talent to fill. Know what skills you need to help meet your business goals. Analyze the projected growth of your company and what you will need to successfully get there. Think about the skills and type of employees you will need to tackle the future workload. Make those skills the main focus of your candidate search.

Create a Hiring Plan

When unemployment benefits run out, companies want to be in a good position to find and hire candidates. That starts with a good hiring plan. After you’ve considered what skills your team needs to get the job done, start crafting a plan for finding and hiring those employees. This can be broken down by department or team within the organization. You may need to hire someone by a certain date to meet your business needs. If that is the case, create a recruitment calendar and have the deadline noted.

Determine Job Requirements

For each position you are looking to hire for you should establish specific requirements. Think about the skills and characteristics you would like the ideal candidate to have. Don’t only think about job-specific skills either. You should also include general skills that will be needed to successfully carry out the job. Truly consider what is a necessity and what is just nice to have so you don’t limit your candidate pool too much.

Craft an Appealing Job Description

Once you know exactly what you are looking for in a candidate, begin putting together a job description. Of course, talk about the job requirements and include information about the position. Beyond that, you should also include information about the company, culture, and goals.

Decide What Tools You Need

A hiring plan, job description, and job requirements are all good details to have, but you need to further decide what tools you will need to find a good fit. For some companies, this means creating pre-employment assessments and other screening tools. You can also use comparison tools to put candidates side-by-side and consider who will be the best employee for the job. Beyond that, you will also need to set a budget for your recruitment efforts. This may include advertising on social media and job posting sites, hiring manager’s time, job fairs, branding expenses, and other recruitment-related costs.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies can help you put a plan in place for hiring new employees once your company is ready. Agencies can help with everything from sourcing and vetting candidates to assisting with onboarding. Additionally, they are specialized in your industry, so they know what a good employee looks like and know what your company can benefit from in terms of staffing. They can truly set you up for success.

If you are looking for top talent in your industry, working with a staffing agency can help you find employees that will fit your needs and company culture. Contact Top Notch Personnel to see how our recruiters can assist your organization in finding new hires.