It’s Time for a Change: Move Out of Food Service and Retail and Into Manufacturing & Industrial

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It’s Time for a Change: Move Out of Food Service and Retail and Into Manufacturing & Industrial

There has been a wave of changes hitting industries across the board. For many people, this has spurred thoughts of moving careers. For anyone thinking about making a job change, now is a great time to move into manufacturing. Here are some reasons to consider taking the leap.

High Demand

Manufacturing and industrial jobs are in high demand right now. In March of this year, manufacturing activity in the United States hit a 37-year high. There were more than 500,000 open positions within the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Many employers are searching for entry-level positions or workers who are willing to learn on the job.

It Can Be Exciting

Manufacturing jobs cover a wide range of industries. So, you won’t necessarily be stuck in one industry or another. There is a lot of room for flexibility. You can also learn a lot of on-the-job skills, including welding, computing, machine operating, and other useful activities. This keeps your work in manufacturing from becoming stale or boring. You can always continue learning and continue growing in your career.

Build Your Resume

Entry-level manufacturing positions can also be a great way to build on your resume. As stated above, many employers are willing to provide training on the job. So, you can get your foot in the door and have new skills and experience to add to your resume. This is great for anyone wanting to shift careers.

Increased Pay

In general, manufacturing and industrial jobs pay better than food service and retail positions. Compared to a cashier, manufacturing workers make about $3 more per hour. Top Notch Personnel has noted an increase in wages in these industries of 19% over the last two years, which is astounding. On average, entry-level workers can expect to make more than $15 per hour with regular pay increases and bonuses. Additionally, most manufacturing jobs will come with perks like paid time off and healthcare coverage. Not many food service positions will offer these types of benefits.


Jobs in manufacturing can also be rewarding. You actually get to see the results of your hard work in real-time, unlike food service and retail positions. You’ll be able to help the company meet production goals and see where you have progressed during every shift. Beyond that, you know exactly what impact your job has on the process, and company, as a whole.

Opportunity to Move Up

Industrial positions typically provide more opportunities for workers to move up within the company. As mentioned above, many employers are trying o find workers who are willing to learn on the job. When you come in as an entry-level employee in manufacturing, you will have opportunities to learn new skills, expand your knowledge of the industry and, ultimately, make more money.

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