Is Your Industrial Business Trending Up? Keep the Momentum & HIRE!

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Is Your Industrial Business Trending Up? Keep the Momentum & HIRE!

Unemployment benefits for many Americans are coming to an end. As the economy rebounds from the pandemic, it is important to keep your hand on the pulse of your organization. If your industrial business is trending up, now is a great time to hire and maintain your momentum. Here is how to prepare for an influx of candidates and prep for hiring needs.

Have the Paperwork Ready

The first thing you can do to help your business and your employees prepare for an influx of new hires is to have all the necessary paperwork in order. A great way to handle paperwork is to set up a date before your new employees’ first day to sign any contracts or forms. This way, all of the admin work is taken care of, and they can focus on learning their new surroundings on the first day and beyond.

Generate a Good Welcome Program

Next, you need to have a good system in place for when candidates come on board. Introduce them to key players within your company, have their workstations set up, and be organized. It’s a good idea to set your new hire up with a work buddy, too, so they can learn the ropes.

Share the News With Your Current Team

Before you start making a large number of new hires, share the news with your current staff. You don’t want to catch your employees off guard with a huge number of new people on the floor. Prep them for any training needs and inform them why the hiring is happening in the first place. This may be a good time to put feelers out for anyone looking to climb the ladder within your organization as well.

Explain the Flow of the Business

Any time someone new comes on board with your company, it’s a good idea to explain the flow of business or information in your business. Let them know who they will be reporting to, how production is tracked, and any other important pieces of information on their first day. Set them up for success.

Create a Solid Training Program

Speaking of success, you also need to have a solid training program in place, especially if you are bringing on a large number of people around the same time. Know what kinds of training are needed for each job opening you have. Have the courses, videos, and other training materials they will need access to organized.

Work With a Staffing Agency Like Top Notch Personnel

One of the best things you can do in terms of recruiting and hiring new candidates is work with a staffing agency. Agencies provide trained professionals who are well-seasoned in your industry. They get to know your business, its culture and can determine which candidates will be the best fit for the job.

Not to mention, they can also help take care of onboarding and training new employees too. Best of all, you won’t be spending time sourcing candidates in-house, freeing up time to focus on your company’s production needs. See how Top Notch Personnel recruiters can help you find the employees you need for your team.