5 Reasons the Pandemic Has Actually Had a Positive Impact on Your Career

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5 Reasons the Pandemic Has Actually Had a Positive Impact on Your Career

While the pandemic certainly had its negative impacts on everyone’s lives, there is a good chance it can have a positive impact on your career. Now more than ever, people are stepping outside their comfort zones, exploring new fields, and maybe even earning more money. Here are some reasons the pandemic can have a positive effect on your career as a whole.

1. Explore Different Industries

One of the more exciting things that have happened as a result of the pandemic is that more people are stepping outside their comfort zones and exploring different industries. This is because many industries, such as hospitality and food service, have taken a bit of a dive. At the same time, manufacturing and industrial settings are booming. While it may be a bit intimidating at first, exploring new industries can help you build your career. You can use your transferable skills and market them in a new way within a new sector.

2. Learn New Skills

There are also a higher number of entry-level positions available that will allow for on-the-job training. This can help you learn new skills and get a feel for what area you’d like to work in. For instance, if you pick up a manufacturing job, the employer may train you in machine operating. This is yet another skill you can add to your tool belt.

Beyond that, there are more opportunities to take courses and learn things online than ever before. If there’s something you’ve been interested in learning, now is the time to do it. Using your time off or even spare time to learn new skills will bode well with employers too.

3. Build on Your Resume

If exploring different industries and learning new skills appeals to you there are a number of ways you can build on your resume during this time too. Many companies are offering temporary or temp-to-hire positions. This gives you a chance to step in and learn a new trade. It can also give you the opportunity to get a feel for the company culture before making a long-term commitment.

4. Make More Money

Top Notch Personnel has seen wages go up by 11% so far this year. Last year, during the height of the pandemic, they were up about 8%. So, the amount of money you can make is continuing to climb. Additionally, employers have felt pressure to improve their benefits packages since the pandemic rocked the world. You may get access to better healthcare coverage, paid time off, and other great perks.

5. More Flexibility on the Job

Another way the pandemic may actually have a positive impact on your career is the increased flexibility in the workplace. Many employers are offering more flexibility in terms of when and how you work. For example, some companies may allow you to work from home full-time or a portion of the workweek. Others might consider letting you make your own schedule or provide Fridays off. The increase in flexibility gives you more time to establish a better work-life balance and maybe even focus on your career even more.

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