Is Temporary Work a Sustainable Career? The Short Answer is Yes!

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Is Temporary Work a Sustainable Career? The Short Answer is Yes!

Job seekers are often looking for full-time long-term jobs. However, opening yourself up to temporary or contract positions can help you find work faster. Not to mention, you can also have a successful career as a temporary employee. In fact, you can have way more flexibility than someone working a traditional nine-to-five. Here is how you can turn temporary work into a sustainable career.

Shift Your Mindset

First, to pursue a career as a temp worker, you need to shift your mindset. Start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur. You have a set of skills you can market to numerous employers at once, selling your services to their business. Essentially, you are in full control of your career.

Temp Does Not Mean Part-Time

Many people confuse temporary work with part-time work. Most of the time, when you take a temp job or work on a project, you are working full-time. The contract simply has an end date that marks the end of your employment with the company, for now. It is also important to keep in mind that not all temp jobs are short-term. Some projects that utilize temporary employees can go on for years.

Repeat Customers

Some companies may choose to rehire you or keep you on call for future projects. When you have a running list of employers who enjoy working with you and like your work, you won’t have much trouble finding projects to work on. If you are trying to make a sustainable career out of temporary work, building a network of employers can help lead to additional opportunities.

Build Your Resume

In addition to building your own network, temporary work will help you beef up your resume too. Each experience you gain will be another addition to your work history and accomplishments. It shows employers that you are able to adapt to the needs of the company you are working for, and it can lead to further temp work or other career opportunities.

Increased Flexibility

Most job seekers are looking for a position that offers some sort of flexibility these days. As a temp employee, you will have more control over your schedule, the projects you work on, and even the days you go into the office. Instead of searching for the perfect company to provide you with that flexibility, you can choose a career as a temp. It gives you the ability to move around, create your own rules, and achieve better work-life balance all around.

Work With Top Notch Personnel

One of the best ways to find temp jobs is by working with a staffing agency. Recruiters will help you find a placement that meets your needs and fits your experience. Then, once the project or job is complete, they can have something new lined up for you. Best of all, many agencies offer full-time temporary and contract workers benefits. Top Notch Personnel offers its temps stellar benefits, including paid time off and health insurance coverage. Learn more about the opportunities available when working with us.

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