Staff Up Just in Time for Boeing’s Boom

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Staff Up Just in Time for Boeing’s Boom

The first quarter of 2022 is projected to be a busy time for many manufacturing companies. Boeing announced some of its planes will be returning to the skies early next year. Parts for 737s are starting to be manufactured again. So, companies need to start thinking about how they can prepare themselves for the influx of work. Here’s how to get ready.

Assess How Much Help You’ll Need

Before you start posting job openings on your website, put some thought into how much help you’ll actually need. Will your company be taking on large orders? What role does your organization play in making plane parts? How in-demand will your services be?

In some cases, you might be able to offer your current staff overtime to fulfill the temporary needs. However, you need to ensure your team isn’t being overworked. To combat this, you can bring on temporary workers, both part-time and full-time, to assist with the influx of work. Working with a staffing agency can lend a hand in deciding exactly how much help you’ll need.

Address Skills Gaps

Take a look at your current staff and address any skills gaps there may be. Consider adding temporary or part-time employees to your staff to help you fill in some of these gaps. They can bring some knowledge to the table that your current team doesn’t possess. It will increase productivity, ensuring the job is done correctly and in an efficient manner.

Create Good Job Descriptions

Once you know where you stand in terms of staffing needs, create a clear job description to help attract candidates. Quality applicants stem from quality job postings. Detail exactly what will be expected of them, how long the project or job is expected to last, benefits included, and information about your company culture. Including all of this information will clearly communicate what you are looking for and what you have to offer as an employer. This way, no candidates are surprised by anything, and expectations are managed.

Have a System in Place

As candidates begin to funnel in, it’s a good idea to have an organized system in place. Have a way of sorting through applications to find qualified candidates. Once you have chosen the applicants you want to move forward with, you should have an organized and efficient onboarding process. Send them any paperwork they need to fill out, have an automated system for background checks, and make things as easy as possible. After each candidate has been onboarded, have a training program in place to get them up to speed fast.

Get Expert Help From Top Notch Personnel

Top Notch Personnel is a staffing firm in the Wichita area. Because Boeing has such a large presence in the job market, it is important to stay plugged into what the airplane manufacturer is doing. Our staffing professionals can help you prepare for changes in demand, whether they increase or decrease. Contact one of our recruiters today to learn about how we can assist your organization with its staffing needs.