Strike While the Iron Is Hot: Find Great Candidates Today!

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Strike While the Iron Is Hot: Find Great Candidates Today!

Federal unemployment benefits are ending in Kansas and Many states in the U.S. For employers, it is a great time to find candidates to fill open positions within your company. Here is how you can attract the attention of fresh talent.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Ends

In Kansas, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) ended in September. For many people, this means their benefits have come to an end. Unemployment in the state peaked in April 2020 at more than 167,000 citizens collecting at the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns. The number of people collecting unemployment in Kansas now is under 60,000.  

Many of these individuals will be looking for work now that benefits have ended. Employers will have a wide range of options when it comes to candidates available to fill positions. Below are a few tips to help you attract new talent at this time.

Buff Up the Benefits

One thing that will really help you attract great candidates is an attractive benefits package. Compare what you are offering your employees to what other companies in the industry are providing. How does it stack up? You want to be sure you are giving your staff competitive compensation to attract new candidates and retain your current team. This goes beyond just wages, insurance, and paid time off too.

More applicants are looking for non-traditional benefits from their employers. Some businesses have ventured out to offer staff financial counseling, mental health help, childcare, student loan payback, and other perks. Take the time to ask your employees what additional benefits they think they would enjoy and what you’re able to provide.

Be More Flexible

Employees want more flexibility in their jobs these days. Try to be more flexible by giving your staff more control over their position. Let them create their own schedules, work from home when possible, and take time off when they need it. This will help them maintain a better work-life balance overall, which will improve morale and productivity on the job. Not only will it help you retain the talent on your staff now, but it will assist you in attracting top candidates when filling positions on your team too.

Reassess Your Culture

Candidates want to work for an employer that has a strong company culture and is making a difference. What is your company’s mission, what’s important to your organization? How does each employee fit into that, and how do you show them their contributions? All of this plays a key role in defining your culture and finding great candidates.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Utilizing the help of a staffing agency can make finding quality candidates a breeze. Recruiters do the work to source, vet, and interview applicants. Once they’ve assessed the available talent, they send you the best options available. Not to mention, they are plugged into both active and passive candidates. So, you will always get the person with the best skills and experience for the job.

Contact Top Notch Personnel

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