How COVID Impacted Women in the Workplace

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How COVID Impacted Women in the Workplace

Women left the workforce at record numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on responsibilities at home. More kids had to stay home from school, family members needed care, and women left their careers to tend to the needs of their families.

Job Growth For Women Was on the  Rise

In February 2020, women finally outnumbered men in the workplace for only the second time in history. Women worked 50.4% of the payroll jobs. Not to mention, women were picking up new jobs fast. They claimed 139,000 of the 145,000 jobs added to the market that season. The growth in women in the workplace was attributed to an increased number of women earning degrees in recent years.

At the same time, industries that typically attract female candidates, such as education and health care, were on the rise too. It was short-lived, though. As you know, the COVID pandemic hit the United States not too long after that, and many women left their jobs to take care of things at home. Around the globe, women lost more than $800 billion in income due to the pandemic. This was largely due to the 64 million jobs held by women lost in 2020. That is 5% of the total jobs held by women.

Many children were sent home to continue their education in a virtual setting. Daycares and schools were closed. Not to mention, many women educators were also sent home, often furloughed for indefinite periods of time. In hospital settings, many workers were furloughed to cut down on the number of people exposed to the virus. This caused women to take on more traditional roles in the home and, in many cases, put their careers on hold. About 25% of women had said they have considered downshifting their careers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Re-Entering the Workforce

Now that more kids are going back to school, more people are getting vaccinated, and things are returning to a new normal, many women are considering going back to work. However, taking a year or two off and then coming back can be difficult. Industries and jobs change within the span of two years, and the COVID pandemic has changed a lot about the workforce. Here are a few quick tips for re-entering the job market.

  1. Think about the transferable skills you have. Compare your current skills to the requirements for a job you’d love to have.
  2. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you have to find the same position as you had before. Industries have transformed during the pandemic, opening up new opportunities for many workers.
  3. Determine what kind of career you’d like to pursue. You may need to shift your career focus to something in the tech or communications field due to demand right now.
  4. Research companies that interest you. Take the culture and company values into consideration when you are choosing places to research.
  5. Make sure you are getting paid what you’re worth. Candidates have more leverage than ever to negotiate wages and benefits.

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