5 Ways to Help Navigate a Worker Shortage

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5 Ways to Help Navigate a Worker Shortage

Employers have been experiencing a talent shortage for a little more than a year. That trend is expected to continue into 2022, posing a challenge to companies trying to fill open positions. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can cope with the worker shortage and stay afloat.

Put Time Into Your Job Descriptions

The first place a potential candidate will interact with your brand is through your job listing. When you are creating your job description, you need to be clear about the role and expectations. If you are upfront, you are more likely to get serious applicants because they will already have an idea of what their responsibilities will be. This can help ensure you get a qualified candidate and also help improve retention, two things that can be crucial during a worker shortage.

Offer Better Benefits

Many job seekers are looking for good benefits and flexibility. After the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to put more focus on their health and work-life balance. Candidates want to know they have flexibility in their schedule if they need to address personal needs. They also need to have the option to take paid days off if they need time to be with family or take care of someone, including themselves. Being able to provide these things isn’t enough, though. You need to make them a core part of your company culture.

Emphasize Company Culture

Speaking of culture, candidates looking for a job are searching for a company that they will enjoy working for. They want to be sure their personal values align with that of the business and that the position will help them reach career goals. Include information about your organization’s work culture in your job listing so potential candidates can get a feel for your employer brand and whether they would fit into the company.

Recruit Internally

Now more than ever, employers are investing in upskilling and reskilling their employees. Sometimes, the best place to source new hires is internal. If you take the time and money to invest in upskilling or reskilling your current staff, it may pay off. These individuals already work for your company, so they know what your expectations are. Beyond that, upskilling and reskilling your employees help you show additional interest in their career, which will create a fiercely loyal team.

Get Help From Professionals

Many companies have turned to the help of staffing agencies to find the right employees for their organizations. An agency can put you in touch with a more diverse talent pool without putting extra time into recruitment. Not to mention, you’ll have access to a higher number of applicants in total. This helps decrease your time to hire greatly and will help you address the talent shortage in your respective industry.

Our Recruiters Are Here to Help

Now more than ever, employers are turning to professional recruiting services to help them fill positions within their companies. The staffing pros at Top Notch Personnel can assist you with your hiring needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization.