How to Build a Resume That Can Be Found in a Database

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How to Build a Resume That Can Be Found in a Database

When you are building a resume, it is important to only include relevant information. You want to highlight the necessary skills and experience that will make you an asset to a new company. Most organizations use a database to organize candidates. So, you want to focus on building a CV that highlights all your highest achievements using wording and formatting that makes it easy to find you. How do you do that, though?

Review Your Current CV

First, you need to set about reviewing your current resume. It shouldn’t be any longer than two pages, and it will preferably fit on one page. Your CV should only include the most relevant information to the position you’re applying to. Remove anything that doesn’t pertain to that specific job title. After that, you can fine-tune the leftover details to showcase your most impressive professional accomplishments.

Re-Read the Job Listing

Once you’ve taken a look at your CV as it stands, re-read the job description. The employers have already detailed exactly what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. You can take the time to highlight some of those things in your own career to make yourself stand out. For instance, if the employer is looking for someone with a Bachelor’s degree and five years of experience with specific technical skills, you can construct your resume to make those facts about you stand out.

When you are reviewing the job listing, make note of any repeated phrases or seemingly important words. You should include these things in your resume to make it easier to find in a database.

Focus on Including Keywords

Speaking of words and phrases, keywords are extremely important when building a good resume. Most databases sort through CVs using a set of keywords chosen by the employer. These keywords will be related to the position in some way and make it easier for them to identify applicants that meet their needs. So, if the company is looking for a certified light industrial manager, you would want to include each of these words in your resume.

You should also use keywords that identify the type of job you’re looking for. For instance, if you value being able to use a specific set of skills, be sure that they are the main focus of your CV. This will help you be identified for positions that you really want to work.

Work With a Staffing Agency Like Top Notch Personnel

Utilizing the help of a professional recruiter can give you the resources you need to construct a strong resume. The president of our staffing agency speaks at a high school every semester. During his seminar, he goes over how to build a resume, tips for interviews, etc. Oftentimes, students are surprised at the work that goes into building a good resume that can be found in a database. Thankfully, the recruiters at Top Notch Personnel are here to help you fine-tune your CV and get attention from employers. Learn more about the opportunities available to you when you work with us.