How COVID Brought Forward a New Demographic of People Opting for Trade School

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How COVID Brought Forward a New Demographic of People Opting for Trade School

More people are beginning to opt for a trade school certification over traditional college degrees. This is especially true of males between the age of 17 and 19. For employers, this means that the demographic for available talent is changing. Prioritizing four-year degrees may be less important than identifying a candidate with the skills necessary for the job.

Gen Z Is Choosing Trade School Over Traditional Four-Year Colleges

It seemed, for a long time, that technical and trade schools were a thing of the past. Career-minded individuals were attending four-year universities rather than learning a skilled trade. However, trade school enrollment growth is outpacing that of traditional colleges. Between 1999 and 2014, the enrollment figures for trade schools in the United States jumped from 10 million to 16 million.

Generation Z  wants to hone skills that will lead directly to employment. From cosmetology to construction, Gen Z is heading to technical school rather than rack up student loans. It also seems that they can find stable work with reliable pay after receiving their certifications. This isn’t always true of a four-year degree.

All that in mind, to get new, fresh talent into your organization, trade school graduates are a great recruitment resource. Not to mention, there are several more benefits to hiring trade school grads over candidates with a traditional college degree.

They Have a Specific Set of Skills

Trade school is used to train students on a specific skill set. If you are looking for someone with engineering capabilities, for example, you would be able to seek out a candidate who attended trade school. Because they have a certification from a reputable school, you can trust that they have the skills they claim to have. More importantly, they have the specific set of skills you need to get the job done.

Trade School Offers Real-World Experience

Part of attending trade school is hands-on. For many trades, students must complete a certain number of working hours in the field supervised. This real-world experience makes them even more of an asset to your team. Many college graduates don’t have that kind of hands-on experience fresh out of school.

Fill in the Gaps on Your Existing Team

Skilled workers come out of trade schools. If you find your current team is lacking some kind of skill to get the job done, looking for a contract worker fresh out of trade school can help. They can provide you with the skills you need for your project while simultaneously getting more experience for their own CV. For example, you may not need a welder on your team full-time, but they are necessary for a specific project. This is the perfect time to find someone who went to a trade school and bring them on board to help reach your goal.

Work With Top Notch Personnel to Find the Right Candidates for Your Team

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