Working with a Recruiter? Make Sure You Ask These Questions About Their Clients

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Working with a Recruiter? Make Sure You Ask These Questions About Their Clients

Working with a recruiter is a great way to get in touch with employers that you may not have been able to reach otherwise. However, who your recruiter’s clients are is important. After all, the recruiter is working for your potential employer. You should get to know what kind of work cultures there are, benefits, salary ranges, etc. Be sure to ask these questions to help build your career in a more meaningful way.

How Long Have You Worked With the Company?

Asking how long the recruiter has worked with the company is a good idea. This question will give you a sense of how well-established the relationship between the recruiter and the employer is. They should have information about the management style and how they are known to treat employees.

On top of that, a better relationship with the employer will help you land a job too. If your recruiter has delivered other top talent to the company before, they are more likely to trust that you’ll be another reliable candidate.

What is the Company Culture Like?

Getting information about the company culture will help you decide whether or not you’d truly be a good fit for the job. You want to be employed by a company with similar values and goals to your own. While the recruiter won’t know everything there is to know about the work culture, they should have a good idea of what the company represents.

Can You Give an Idea of the Average Salary Range?

Again, a salary range will be another deciding factor. If the companies they work with aren’t providing what you are looking for in terms of compensation, you don’t want to waste time interviewing for those jobs.

What Benefits Are Offered?

In the same vein as salary expectations, certain benefits will make or break a job offer. Make it known if you are looking for something with flexibility or specific benefits like paid healthcare, paid mental health days, etc. This way, the recruiter can contact you when a job with your specifications comes up.

Who Will I Interview With?

Having information about who you will be sitting across from in an interview can help you succeed. In some cases, you might be interviewing with a panel of people. Other companies will have you meet with one or two people who you will be working with directly. This gives you an idea of the company structure as well as helps you prep for the interview process.

What Experience Should I Highlight?

Your recruiter will know exactly what the employer is looking for, so they will know what experience you should showcase to stand out. They know what the employer has identified as must-have skills. If you are lacking in any area, your recruiter can also help you find ways to brush up on your skills or education.

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