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Find Great Aircraft Jobs in Wichita Today with Our Recruiters!

In mid-2022, the door reopened on the Dreamliner 787. Boeing received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to resume deliveries of the wide-body plane, leading to the first 787 delivery by the company since May 2021 in August 2022.

Spirit AeroSystems Inc. also received the green light to continue work relating to the Dreamliner 787. The company builds the complete forward fuselage for the aircraft, making it a critical part of the equation.

Since much of this production is occurring in Wichita, it’s creating significant opportunities for those who want aircraft-related careers. If you’re interested in landing one of these positions, partnering with Top Notch Personnel makes the process easier. Here’s how our recruiters can help.

Right-Fit Jobs and Exclusive Opportunities

As a leading recruitment firm in Wichita, the team at Top Notch Personnel has access to a wide array of positions. This includes vacancies that aren’t publicly advertised, allowing you to tap into opportunities you can’t reach otherwise.

After partnering with Top Notch Personnel for your job search, your recruiter will evaluate your experience and skills to identify roles with potential. Additionally, they’ll get to know you on both a personal and professional level, giving them insights into your workplace needs and preferences.

This recruitment strategy allows the Top Notch Personnel staff members to find right-fit opportunities for candidates. Jobs won’t just align with your professional capabilities; they’ll also offer the ideal culture and environment based on what you’re after, resulting in higher job satisfaction.

Streamlined Job Searches for Faster Results

By partnering with the team of recruiters at Top Notch Personnel and providing a resume, you’re effectively applying to all of the openings that align with your skillset at once. This makes the process far more efficient than handling a job search on your own, as you don’t have to submit separate applications for each opening.

When your recruiter finds a potential match, they’ll present the opportunity to you first. This allows you to provide feedback and determine whether you’d like to be in contention for the role. If so, your recruiter will work as your advocate, showcasing what you bring to the table directly to hiring managers and human resources departments. This is more efficient than traditional approaches, as it essentially guarantees that your resume will be viewed by a decision-maker instead of screened out by an applicant tracking system (ATS) simply because your resume didn’t include the right keywords.

Your Top Notch Personnel recruiter will also coordinate all subsequent steps. They’ll work with you and the hiring manager to arrange suitable interview times or conduct additional screening. By working together, the process is streamlined for candidates and employers alike, leading to faster hiring.

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