5 Certifications to Set You Up for Success in Wichita

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5 Certifications to Set You Up for Success in Wichita

WSU Tech offers a range of certifications that can set you up for career success in Wichita. Depending on the program, you can highlight existing expertise by getting these career-boosting credentials or hone in-demand skills that make you a stronger candidate.

The types of certificates offered by WSU Tech cover a wide array of fields and industries. If you aren’t sure which programs are worth considering, here are five certifications to set you up for success in Wichita.

5 Certifications to Set You Up for Success in Wichita

1. Aviation Sheetmetal Assembly

For those interested in the aerospace industry, an Aviation Sheetmetal Assembly certificate opens doors. Through the program, you’ll learn a wide array of skills focused on blueprint reading, electrical bonding, quality control, and precision measuring, ensuring you’re ready for an exciting career.

2. Welding

The Welding program focuses on providing students with the proper knowledge and skills, combining classroom-based learning with lab instruction. It covers a wide array of competency areas, including blueprint reading, machine adjustments, rod selection, weld testing, fabrication, and how to weld a variety of materials.

With the Welding program, you also have several certification options. There’s a comprehensive Welding Certificate, as well as three fast-track certificates that are focused on specific niches, such as GMAW or SMAW. As a result, you can select the path that makes the most sense for your career goals and timeline.

3. Climate and Energy Control Technologies

The Climate and Energy Control Technologies certification gives you critical skills that can help you start or further an exciting HVAC career. The coursework combines a knowledge-oriented approach with practical application, allowing you to develop skills that make you eligible for a position as an air conditioning technician.

4. Information Technology Systems

If you’re interested in a tech career, you can choose from several Information Technology Systems programs to boost your skills and acquire new knowledge. Whether you’re interested in becoming a computer support specialist or cloud application developer or want to cover the essentials or dive into the world of cyber security, there’s a certificate available.

5. Machining Technology

With the Machining Technology certification program, you can learn about machining processes and equipment. Classroom and lab-based learning opportunities ensure you have the right foundational knowledge and the ability to hone practical skills.

As with the welding program, the Machining Technology program has several available certificates. You can focus on general machining technology, manual machining, or CNC operation, giving you the ability to choose a certification that best meets your needs.

Finding a New Job After Getting a Certification

Once you have a new certification, finding job opportunities that align with your enhanced credentials is wise. By doing so, you can take your career to the next level right away, putting you on a better path as soon as possible.

At Top Notch Personnel, we love assisting candidates with recently acquired certifications from WSU Tech. Our recruiters are highly familiar with what these programs teach, allowing them to quickly find open positions that align with your newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Do you have a new certification and want a career-boosting job? If so, the team of recruiters at Top Notch Personnel can connect you with exciting opportunities with leading employers in Wichita. Learn more about our openings and speak with one of our experienced recruiters today, ensuring you can make the most of your certification.