How You Can Show Employee Appreciation Around the Holidays

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How You Can Show Employee Appreciation Around the Holidays

The holiday season is an ideal time of year to recognize your team. Openly expressing your appreciation for their contributions is typically a morale booster. As a result, it can bolster productivity, reduce turnover, and improve your company culture.

Deciding how to show employee appreciation around the holidays isn’t always easy. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some options worth considering.

When in Doubt, Go with Food

Few forms of employee appreciation are as universally appreciated as free food. Hiring a caterer to provide an in-office meal or giving managers funds to take their teams out for lunch are both solid choices. It’s a chance to enjoy a nice meal while also spending time bonding, and it doesn’t require employees to stay after hours to participate.

With the catering, make sure that there are entrees that work for employees with dietary restrictions or preferences. By using that approach, you ensure that everyone can safely partake, which keeps anyone from feeling left out or overlooked.

If your team is remote, consider gift cards for food delivery services. That allows everyone to order a meal based on what’s available in their area. Then, arrange a time for a video call and have everyone schedule their delivery right before it begins, allowing your team to enjoy the food together.

Don’t Overlook Gift Cards (or Cash)

Another way to show employee appreciation that’s always well-received is practical gift cards. Grocery store gift cards are an excellent option, as they can make holiday meals cheaper for employees. Popular big box stores can also work well, as well as online shopping giants.

Managers can also speak with employees to see if a particular gift card would provide more value. There’s also the option of using a gift card service that lets employees choose the store, giving them the ability to select one that best meets their needs.

Alternatively, cash bonuses are similarly a great choice. It gives employees a boost during what’s often a financially challenging time of year, and it provides them with the most flexibility.

Write Heartfelt Thank You Cards

A heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way when you want to show that you value your employees. Ensure each card contains a personalized note highlighting something unique each worker brings to the table. Doing so makes the card more meaningful, as it helps the employee feel seen and valued for their contributions.

It’s also wise to couple a thank you card with another small gesture. For example, pairing it with their favorite candy bar or a small gift card to a nearby coffee shop is a simple option.

Ultimately, any of the options above are viable ways of showing employee appreciation during the holidays. Select the approach that makes the most sense for your team and budget, and you’re in good shape.

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