Demand for Construction Labor Rise in Wichita: 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Construction

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Demand for Construction Labor Rise in Wichita: 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Construction

If you are on the fence about a career in construction, you should know that right now is one of the best times to get into the industry in a long time.

The construction industry dealt with a tight labor market before the pandemic hit, and COVID has only made the labor market tighter. According to a report from research company RSM, 2022 saw about 25 percent more unfilled jobs than new hires in construction. Many of these unfilled positions are for skilled workers, as a report from Deloitte for 2023 found that the construction industry has a massive shortage of skilled workers. The report went on to say that there are a lot of construction projects in the pipeline and a lot of money has been set aside for all kinds of building and infrastructure projects. However, labor challenges are putting many projects into question.

For job seekers in construction, all of this uncertainty spells opportunity. Despite that, if you’re still unsure about a career in construction, you need to consider the wide range of career possibilities. You should also think about how construction is evolving and creating even more possibilities in the process.

Job Seekers should Partner with a Construction Recruitment Agency to Land their Ideal Job

The sheer number of job opportunities in construction is definitely a good thing for job seekers, but the volume can be overwhelming. When you work with construction recruiters, it’s like having a team of career consultants that can guide you to positions that make the most of your natural abilities, technical skills, interpersonal skills, and disposition. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, construction recruiting agencies know the latest developments and where demand is the strongest in the labor market.

Construction recruiting agencies will be invested in your career success, and they’ll work to make you an attractive job seeker. If you need help updating your resume or writing a cover letter, a construction recruitment agency will help you with both, free of charge. If there are any gaps in your qualifications, construction recruiters can help you address them. If there’s a prominent job you’ve got your eye on, agency staff can place you in jobs that set you on a course to reach it.

A construction staffing agency typically partners with many employers in the industry. This means they have access to good construction jobs, even some that haven’t been made public. If you want access to these hidden job opportunities, you need to know somebody inside a company or work with an agency.

Now that you understand the value of working with a construction recruitment agency let’s discuss the benefits of building a successful career in construction.

A Career in Construction Provides Good Pay and Great Benefits

The construction industry has a bit of a reputation for offering low pay, but like many things lately, that reputation is fast becoming outdated. In 2022, average hourly pay in the industry was up 6 percent year over year. That’s the fastest rate of increase since 1982, according to Business Insider. With a tight labor market expected to continue and rising inflation, Deloitte has projected construction wages will increase even further. On top of that, full-time construction positions come with health insurance, disability insurance, and paid time off.

If you plan on pursuing a career in the skilled trades, you should expect even better pay and benefits. The median pay for electricians is nearly $57,000 per year, while the median pay for plumbers is just over $56,000. People in the skilled trades also earn significantly more as they become more experienced and take on greater responsibility.

One thing that relates to pay and bears mentioning is the cost of secondary education. Those looking to avoid paying out tens of thousands of dollars and possibly racking up a large amount of student debt should take a hard look at a career in construction. Many entry-level jobs only require a high school diploma, and some great-paying jobs only require an associate’s degree. Also, some employers are willing to pay at least part of employees’ education, especially regarding earning certifications and licenses.

Demand for Construction Jobs is on the Rise

Even before the pandemic, long-term shifts in the construction industry created an increased demand for construction workers. Job opportunities in the industry have risen by 50 percent since 2014, but the number of new workers in the industry has only risen 14 percent. This year, a massive rise in construction spending combined with a tight labor market has increased the pressure to fill construction jobs.

While construction companies and infrastructure agencies feel the pain of an incredibly tight labor market, construction workers stand to gain. This high demand for construction workers appears to be a long-term trend, but getting into the industry now will allow you to take full advantage of it.

The Construction Industry is Evolving

Modern construction is competitive, and companies looking to get the upper hand on their competition are pushed to take on new technologies all the time.

For example, one of the latest developments in the construction industry has been the rise of modular design. It is now more common for buildings to be constructed offsite and assembled at the site. Modular-designed constructions can still meet building codes and perform just as well as conventional constructions. However, they can take about half the time to build.

If you enjoy working with tools, machines, and technical concepts, you are a natural for working in construction. Construction professionals who can embrace this type of change are more likely to have long-term success than those who don’t.

A Variety of Jobs Available for All Skill Levels

The construction industry probably has the greatest job opportunities, with something for every skill level. Whether you’re out of high school and need a low-skill job or you’re an experienced executive, the industry has something for you.

Regarding opportunities for women, the construction industry has a lot of equity, especially compared to other industries. In construction, the gender pay gap is 99.1 percent.

Rewarding Profession with Ample Growth Opportunities

The nature of some construction jobs can be rewarding for people who hate the idea of sitting down all day for work. If this is you, then you have healthy instincts. Research has shown that sitting for long periods is related to negative effects on personal health, such as higher blood pressure, blood sugar, and body fat.

Some construction jobs require a bit of desk work for data entry or creating reports. However, most construction jobs involve standing up and moving around. Some call for moderate to heavy physical activity. Depending on what you are looking for, you should be able to find the level of activity you want in an 8-hour day.

But one of the great things about construction is that there are many desk-based jobs. You could start out your career working on construction sites and, later in your career, move into a back office where you have less physical work, more responsibility, and a bigger paycheck.

While it’s hard to put into numbers, a construction career can bring you much personal satisfaction. Construction is creation, and there’s a lot more satisfaction than from making something that people use and enjoy. Also, some things you build could last longer than you, allowing you to leave behind a lasting legacy.

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