Find a Job Faster in 2023 with a Great Resume (Template Included!)

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Find a Job Faster in 2023 with a Great Resume (Template Included!)

Many professionals want to find a new job to ensure they start 2023 off in the best possible position. If your goal is landing a new role, having a great resume is a critical part of the equation.

In many ways, a resume is a marketing document. Your resume shows the hiring manager how you can provide value to their company, effectively selling your capabilities and increasing your odds of landing an interview and job offer.

Fortunately, creating a standout resume isn’t as challenging as many expect. Here’s a closer look at why you need a resume and how to write a great resume to find a job faster in 2023.

Why You Need a Resume in 2023

Regardless of your career path or amount of experience, having a resume works in your favor when you’re partnering with a recruiter. Your resume serves as an introduction, giving the recruiter insights into your experience, education, and capabilities. As a result, initial discussions about your career and professional goals proceed more quickly, streamlining the job search process.

Additionally, having a well-written resume can accelerate job placements. Along with allowing your recruiter to gain insights that lead to stronger matches in less time, there’s already an application document ready that will impress potential employers. Since some positions are filled quickly, this increases your chances of not only getting a job fast but landing a highly-desirable job with a leading employer.

How to Write a Great Resume

Writing a great resume involves meeting (or exceeding) the expectations of hiring managers when you create the document. First, you want to use the correct format. In many cases, a hybrid resume – featuring a professional summary and skills section followed by your work history and education – is a solid choice. You can highlight key capabilities early and provide relevant details further in the document.

In your work history, being achievement-oriented is vital. Don’t simply list your primary duties and responsibilities. Instead, showcase your skills by discussing how they helped you reach targets or achieve job-related goals, ensuring the hiring manager can see the value you provide.

Also, make sure you quantify the details. Numbers draw the eye, and metrics give the hiring manager critical context, making the difference you made while in a past role easier to see.

Avoiding ambiguous language is similarly essential. Terms like “assisted with” or “took part in” make your role in an achievement unclear. Instead, go with more definitive language, such as “developed,” “updated,” “supervised,” or “spearheaded.”

Finally, honesty and transparency are a must. While many candidates are tempted to skew the facts, hiring managers go through screening processes to verify what you share in your resume. As a result, inaccuracies are typically spotted, and since they make you seem dishonest, a lack of truthfulness can cost you the job.

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