Why It Is Important to Ask for Feedback After an Interview

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Why It Is Important to Ask for Feedback After an Interview

Asking for feedback after an interview isn’t a common practice among candidates. However, by requesting input from your interviewer, you’re creating critical opportunities for growth. Plus, you increase your odds of improving your performance during your next interview, which could help you land a job offer faster.

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of asking for feedback after an interview, here’s what you need to know.

Why Asking for Feedback After an Interview Is Important

When you ask for feedback after an interview, you’re getting a chance to learn about your performance based on the interviewer’s perspective. Often, the feedback will include highlights of where you performed well, letting you know about actions or answers you may want to repeat in future interviews.

However, the most valuable part is the ability to find out about missteps and shortcomings. While they’re often hard to hear about, each point the interviewer makes represents an opportunity for improvement. For example, you might discover a skill you need to acquire to become a stronger candidate. Similarly, you may get details about a mistake in one of your answers that you can correct.

Another benefit is that requesting feedback gives you a chance to learn more about other candidates applying for the role. In some cases, the interviewer will share details that give you clues about what other job seekers bring to the table. As a result, you may have an easier time determining how to differentiate yourself effectively, increasing your odds of landing a job offer.

Finally, asking for feedback helps you continue building a connection with the interviewer. By being polite, professional, and open-minded, you can ensure you’re making a positive impression. Plus, you may learn that your performance was strong overall. If so, you could ask to stay in contact with the interviewer to find out about new openings that fit your skills, potentially leading to referrals for future positions.

How to Request Feedback After an Interview

Asking for feedback from an interview isn’t as challenging as it seems. Begin by thanking them for giving you the hiring process results and considering you for the position. Next, politely ask the interviewer if they’re open to offering you any feedback on your performance. Let them know your goal is to improve as a candidate and that you’d value any insights they provide.

After that, leave the ball in the interviewer’s court. Some interviewers might not feel comfortable with providing feedback, and some companies may even bar the practice. As a result, if the interviewer declines, thank them for considering it and wish them well.

Suppose the interviewer does provide feedback, and express appreciation for what they shared. Then, take their advice and put it to work, allowing you to position yourself as a stronger candidate in the future.

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