Here’s What Can You Do to Earn Flexibility at Work

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Here’s What Can You Do to Earn Flexibility at Work

Many professionals crave more flexibility at work, and plenty of companies are willing to offer it to the right employees. However, it’s critical to keep in mind that you may need to earn that flexibility.

Workplaces involve a sense of give and take. Often, there needs to be a reasonable degree of trust before a greater degree of autonomy or options for adjusting work schedules are made available to employees. As a result, it’s wise to take steps to show you’re willing to give as much as you’ll receive, as well as show your employer that flexibility won’t negatively impact your performance.

Typically, the simplest way to earn flexibility at work is to demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond. By doing so, you’re positioning yourself as a clear asset. Plus, when you’re exceeding expectations consistently, employers may view a request for flexibility as a suitable reward, essentially leading to a win-win.

Fortunately, going above and beyond at work isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you want to earn flexibility at work, here are some strategies to use.

Maintain the Highest Work Quality

First and foremost, ensuring that every deliverable you provide is of the highest possible quality is an essential part of the equation. It shows you’re able to not just effectively manage your workload but also take steps to exceed expectations when it comes to your outputs.

Along with demonstrating diligence, it showcases that you understand what quality work is and perform your due diligence to elevate your own results. Essentially, it clearly highlights that direct oversight isn’t necessary for you to be at your best. In turn, the idea of providing you with flexibility seems more doable in the eyes of your manager.

Deliver Before Deadlines

Delivering your work before the deadlines arrive can also help you make a stronger case for flexibility. It’s indicative of excellent time management skills, as you’re able to stay ahead of the required timeline. Plus, it creates opportunities for further iterations if they’re necessary without stalling projects or otherwise hindering the productivity of your team.

Provide Support to Coworkers

Assisting your coworkers when they need help showcases you as a team player. Plus, it highlights that you understand that personal success isn’t all that matters, as you’re taking the time to ensure the entire group excels. Often, it also serves as going above and beyond your job duties, as you’re taking on tasks that were originally assigned to others.

Offer to Assist Your Manager

Similar to the point above, offering direct support to your manager has a positive impact on your reputation and is a clear way to go the extra mile. Asking if there’s a task you can take off their plate also shows you’re invested in your manager’s success, which can improve your relationship. In turn, requesting flexibility at work will potentially be better received, increasing the odds you’ll get access to that perk.

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