Why You Need to Have a Plan When Hiring Temps

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Why You Need to Have a Plan When Hiring Temps

A company’s workforce needs can fluctuate rapidly. As a result, many organizations bring temporary employees on board through a staffing agency to support their operations while maintaining flexibility. The issue is that some companies use a somewhat haphazard approach, and that can lead to lackluster results.

Before hiring temps to fill short-term positions, having a plan is essential. It gives your company a functional roadmap to follow to optimize staffing numbers and ensure that the temporary workers are the best possible fit. Plus, it allows for quicker hiring, ensuring you don’t miss out on top talent.

Fortunately, creating an effective plan when hiring temps isn’t as complicated as it may seem on the surface. Here’s a step-by-step approach that can guide you through the process and ensure you can get right-fit temporary employees through your preferred staffing agency.

Know Your Budget

First and foremost, it’s critical to understand your hiring budget before you bring on any temporary employees. How much you’re able to spend may dictate which skillsets are available or how long you can keep a worker on board. As a result, it’s best to do a thorough financial analysis to ensure your organization knows how much it can invest.

Additionally, your budget can be a valuable piece of information when discussing your needs with a staffing firm. The recruiters can work with you to determine which potential hiring paths work best based on your needs and your spending limits. That ensures that all parties have the same expectations and plan, increasing your odds of success.

Outline the Project or Position

When you’re bringing temporary employees on board, the same amount of care needs to go into the process as you’d take when hiring permanent team members. Spend time learning the ins and outs of the project or position. Know how many temps it will take to achieve your goals within the desired timeframe. Define the critical skills the temporary workers need to possess on day one and the areas where you’re willing to provide training.

The information outlined above brings clarity to your requirements. In turn, the staffing firm is better equipped to find a suitable match for a single position or build a top-quality team if you need to hire a large number of temp employees for a large project.

Prepare to Move Quickly on Right-Fit Candidates

When you’re working with a staffing firm, you need to be ready to move quickly when you find a right-fit candidate. Traditionally, professionals interested in temp positions aren’t available for long, particularly if they have in-demand or hard-to-find skills. As a result, if you fail to bring them on board in short order, the odds are high that they won’t be available once you make a decision, as they’ll likely have moved on to another opportunity.

Make sure you time your recruitment efforts appropriately and prioritize meeting with job seekers who have what you’re after. That way, you can secure the temporary employees you need without running the risk of missing out on top talent.

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