Why Job Seekers in Wichita Need to Recognize Remote Work as a Privilege, Not a Right

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Why Job Seekers in Wichita Need to Recognize Remote Work as a Privilege, Not a Right

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the massive and sudden switch to remote working actually kind of worked, and now, some people feel that any desk-based job should include the option to work remotely. However, companies have been bringing their workers back into the office, and job seekers shouldn’t just assume that remote work is guaranteed.

Believe it or not: There are good reasons why company leaders want to have their employees come into the office. One big reason for bringing employees back is supporting newer employees, who learn through an informal apprenticeship model. Another big reason for bringing employees back to the office is to maintain a supportive and collaborative company culture. There’s also a practical reason companies want employees in the office: They have facilities and office space that are going to waste.

While job seekers may not agree with these and other reasons, some companies are sticking by them. Therefore, job seekers should recognize that remote work is still very much a privilege, not a right. If you want to work remotely, you need to find a position that includes it. Then, you need to grab that opportunity by being the best candidate possible.

How Can a Job Placement Agency in Wichita Help Prepare Candidates to Work Remotely?

Remote work positions are highly coveted, and one of the best ways to land a remote job with a local company is to partner with an employment agency in Wichita. Kansas-based agencies have strong connections in the area, and they are in a position to advocate for you as a remote worker.

Let’s Explore Five Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Partner with an Employment Agency in Wichita When Looking for Remote Roles

If you’re looking for specifics, consider the five reasons why you should work with a job placement agency in Wichita for your next remote role.

Employment Agencies Have Connections with Employers

Plenty of remote positions are filled without being posted to a website, job board, or LinkedIn. That’s because many employers hire via referrals and connections. Some of these hires might come from an employee referral program, an online connection, or a personal connection. Often, those professional connections are to a job recruiter.

Working with a recruiter can mean gaining access to open positions that you wouldn’t even know about, much less apply to. At the very least, it can mean access to jobs before they go public to other people looking for work. This inside track is available because a recruiter’s job is based on making connections. Also, some employers would rather fill open positions through a staffing firm, as it can save them time and resources and lead to better hires.

Recruiters Understand Job Seeker’s Skills

Understandably, most employers are focused on finding the “ideal candidate” for their open roles. But why should they be the only ones? It’s equally as important for you to find your ideal employer. When there’s a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship between you and your employer, you’re both set up for long-term success.

With plenty of employers on the market, it could be tough for you to know where to begin. Staffing agencies allow you to sort through possible positions and employers and identify the ones that best fit your skill set. An employment agency can be an invaluable go-between when it comes to matching the ideal candidate with the ideal employer.

This ability of an employment agency also applies to filling remote positions. In addition to having technical skills, remote employees must also use technology to interact with coworkers and engage in workflows. A good job placement agency understands the nature of remote work and how certain skills are even more essential when work is being done collaboratively over the Internet.

Because employment agency recruiters understand the skills necessary to perform remote work, they also act as a useful go-between for figuring out pay rates. For people who hate negotiation, this is a valuable bonus. Recruitment agencies usually have salaries established long before you approach them.

Knowledge of Remote Work Requirements

Effective remote workers are self-motivated and strong communicators. Although these qualities may not be listed in the job description, potential employers evaluate them for each candidate during their interactions.

One of the most basic ways you can show a recruiter that you’d be a great remote worker is to prove you’re both self-motivated and a strong communicator. Whether you’re interacting with a recruiter over email, instant message or a phone call, it’s important to be concise. But it’s also important to be upbeat, especially over email and instant messaging. Putting out positive vibes over these media lets a recruiter know that you’re excited about the prospect of starting a remote job, and it hints at strong self-motivation. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid multitasking, but this can be a hard thing to do if you’re communicating over an instant messaging app.

When it comes time to talk to a potential employer, a staffing company can prepare you for the remote interview. They can help to ensure you speak slowly and distinctly. They can also coach you on questions related to remote work. For example, you might be asked how to resolve a conflict in the comments of a Google Doc. When it comes to the actual remote interview, an employment agency can step in if there are issues related to a bad connection or innocent miscommunication.

Employment Agencies Provide Job Seekers with Flexibility to Adapt to the Job Market

As a temporary remote worker, you can also enjoy the versatile nature of going this route. If you have young children, you’re going to school, or otherwise need to take time off, you can coordinate with a recruitment agency to make the necessary arrangements.

Also, you can use a series of temporary assignments to set yourself up for large personal or professional goals. For example, you could take a series of assignments to build up your resume. Committing to temporary work gives you the chance to try out plenty of kinds of jobs and industries. This can both help you figure out what career path you want and give you experience in different fields that you are considering.

Taking a series of temporary positions is a great way to meet people and expand your professional network by making great impressions. When you work alongside other people, you feel a sense of camaraderie. While this is rewarding all by itself, making personal connections is great for your career. Working for several different businesses gives you the opportunity to make many new contacts quickly and easily. On top of that, employers that have had you as a temp will be more likely to hire you down the road for a permanent position, should you choose to apply for one.

Also, temping doesn’t have to be temping, per se. Some companies use temp-to-hire positions that include the possibility of full-time employment if it makes sense to both the company and the worker. If you want to work for a certain organization but only temporary jobs as available, you should ask about the possibility of temp-to-hire. If you’re able to land this type of job, it will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, work ethic, and other abilities.

Even if you don’t want to turn a temporary position into a permanent one, temping allows you to earn money and build your resume while continuing to look for full-time jobs. This can keep you financially stable and feeling productive until you’re able to get a full-time role that suits you.

Recruiters Provide Job Seekers with Ongoing Support

Job placement agencies in Wichita are focused on getting you a job that meets your skills, experience, and personality. A great recruitment agency will have an ongoing conversation with you about career goals and how you can meet them. When you work with a great agency, you have a career partner who gives you opportunities but also inspiration. In the end, your success feeds into the success of the company.

For example, you’re less likely to get stuck in a dead-end job or toxic workplace. If you are working hard on an assignment and you’re seeing red flags or feeling unwelcome, an employment agency can step in and reassign you to another company. There are a wide range of temporary jobs out there. If one isn’t working out, it’s no big deal. This is also convenient if you realize that a certain type of work just isn’t for you. For example, you might find that working as an administrative assistant isn’t what you thought it would be. Because staffing agency recruiters have a broad range of knowledge on what’s out there, they counsel you on an assignment that didn’t work out and guide you toward something better.

Leverage the Help of an Employment Agency in Wichita to Find Remote Jobs

As a premier recruitment agency in Wichita, Kansas, Top Notch Personnel has built its name on delivering results for job seekers. Our job recruiters specialize in filling positions in the aviation, construction, manufacturing, and call center industries, which often include remote positions. If you would like to see what’s currently available, feel free to browse our job board.