Wichita’s Current and Future Job Opportunities

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Wichita’s Current and Future Job Opportunities

Wichita is brimming with job opportunities and will soon have even more options available. The CHIPS Act is paving the path for additional openings, and a new facility is positioned to employ 2,000 people once it’s operational.

Here’s a Look at What The CHIPS Act is and How It’s Creating Job Opportunities in Wichita:

What Is the CHIPS Act?

The CHIPS Act of 2022 is a piece of legislation designed to boost US investments in semiconductor manufacturing and technology innovation. As part of the package, US companies are receiving grants to support the development and expansion of semiconductor facilities and equipment.

Functionally, the goal of the CHIPS Act is to onshore more semiconductor manufacturing, creating less of a dependence on foreign manufacturers. Along with enhancing security, the decision is leading to more job opportunities across the country, as new facilities or expanded operations require more staff to operate successfully.

How the CHIPS Act Is Creating Job Opportunities in Wichita

Due to the CHIPS Act, Integra Technologies Inc. – the largest Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) company in the US – secured an incentive package to support an expansion project. The decision will expand Integra’s operations in the Wichita area and is projected to create 2,000 local jobs.

Integra is an employee-owned company that was founded in Wichita about 40 years ago. Along with operations in Wichita, Integra also has facilities in Silicon Valley and supports over 500 active customers in the defence, aviation, aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, and commercial industries.

As part of the project, Integra will address various supply chain risks within the semiconductor market, as well as support the domestic development of these critical products. Through the expansion project, Wichita strengthens its advanced manufacturing industry, too, and that benefits professionals who focus their careers on the sector.

Integra plans to develop a cutting-edge headquarters and production facility in the Wichita region. Along with manufacturing jobs at every level of the career ladder, the project creates job opportunities for an array of supporting professionals. For example, Integra may require a variety of office-based skills to support broader operations.

Overall, the expansion project is the largest of its kind to date within the semiconductor manufacturing industry. In turn, Wichita will play a critical role in supporting the sector, as well as promoting national and economic security at a broader scale.

Finding Job Opportunities in Wichita

While Integra’s expansion project highlights growth in the advanced manufacturing sector in Wichita, there are job opportunities in many other industries. As a result, professionals in nearly any niche can secure a chance to advance their careers, particularly if they partner with a leading recruitment firm in the area.

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