Here’s Why You Should Be Targeting Recent Graduates

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Here’s Why You Should Be Targeting Recent Graduates

Filling vacant positions – including entry-level jobs – is proving increasingly challenging. Labor shortages mean that competition for top talent is fierce, and companies are finding it harder to separate themselves from other local employers. Fortunately, there’s a solution. By targeting recent graduates with your job ads, you can connect with a critical demographic.

Here’s a Look at Why Focusing on New Grads is Beneficial:

Recent Graduates Are Focused on Finding Job Opportunities

After graduation, the next logical step is to find employment opportunities. As a result, recent graduates make up a significant portion of the active job seekers looking for positions, particularly during the summer months. By focusing job ads on them, you’re speaking to a captive audience, and that can lead to more applicants overall.

Student Bodies Are Highly Diverse

Typically, student bodies at local colleges are highly diverse, potentially more so than what’s present in the surrounding city. By focusing on connecting with recent or soon-to-be graduates, companies can reach a wider array of candidates. For example, women make up more than half of undergraduate and graduate students. Minorities are also commonly well-represented on campuses. As a result, employers may have an easier time finding diverse candidates by targeting recent graduates than if they leave their job ads more generic.

Connect with Younger Generations

While college students may be of any age, the bulk are between the ages of 18 and 24. That means students are primarily Gen Z, and targeting them can allow you to connect with what’s now the youngest working generation.

In many ways, the youngest generation in the workforce represents the future of a company. By hiring them early in their careers, you’re seizing a chance to support their growth and generate loyalty, both of which typically yield dividends when an effort is made to retain them long-term.

Shape Your Ideal Employee

One distinct benefit of hiring recent graduates is that most haven’t developed routines based on what a past employer prefers. As a result, employers don’t have to break any bad habits or spend time getting them to abandon an approach that doesn’t align with the organization. Instead, they can shape an eager and enthusiastic candidate based on the company’s needs and preferences, allowing them to functionally turn a new hire into an ideal employee.

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