Navigating the Skies: Essential Tips for Aviation Staffing and Recruitment in Wichita

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Navigating the Skies: Essential Tips for Aviation Staffing and Recruitment in Wichita

Every day, millions of people fly on airplanes for business, vacations, and visiting family members. Planes are also used to ship important packages for people and businesses. Keeping these important planes in the air requires hundreds of thousands of employees who work around the clock to ensure that people and packages get to where they need to be.

Companies in the aviation industry must work hard to remain fully staffed. Many companies in the Kansas aviation industry turn to Wichita’s aviation recruiters to help them meet this critical need.

What Difficulties Are Faced by Aviation Companies in Wichita?

Airlines have needed quite a while to replenish the positions they shed due to COVID-19. Staffing challenges have resulted in stress for aviation companies and headaches for travelers. As a result, staffing and retention have become critical functions.

Fortunately, the industry has been hiring aggressively. For example, airlines are adding almost 5,000 workers monthly since November 2020. In October 2022, passenger and cargo airlines had employment levels nearly 5 percent above pre-COVID levels, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

8 Benefits Airline Companies Experience When Collaborating with Aviation Recruiters in Wichita

Despite a robust recovery from COVID, the airline industry continues to deal with structural employment challenges. Like in many other industries, a talent gap in the skilled trades affects the industry. The workforce in the aviation industry also skews older, and younger generations aren’t being recruited fast enough to fill the gap. This structural employment problem was worsened by the flood of early retirements that was kicked off by the pandemic.

Given the ongoing structural employment challenges, many local companies in the industry have been turning to staffing agencies in Wichita. But not just any staffing agency in Wichita. Many companies are looking at specialized aircraft recruitment agencies in Wichita. This is because these companies can offer a number of benefits that translate into a major return on investment. Consider the following eight benefits provided by using aviation recruiters in Wichita.

1. Aircraft Staffing and Recruitment Agencies Give Companies a Competitive Advantage

Partnering with established aviation recruiters simplifies recruitment, which translates to a key competitive advantage. At the most fundamental level, it allows hiring managers to concentrate on other areas of operating a successful enterprise, including handling production schedules, maintenance schedules, logistics, client relations, and budget issues.

2. Recruiters Create Detailed and Appealing Job Descriptions

As the initial point of contact with a candidate, job descriptions are key in the recruitment process. An effective job description gives potential applicants a strong sense of what the position involves, what abilities and experience are needed, and what an organization can give them in return.

A great job description is to the point and devoid of typing or grammatical errors. It ought to avoid any jargon or buzzwords as much as possible. While providing a detailed overview of the position is important, it’s also important to give a sense of the company culture and a typical workday. Employees who don’t see themselves in the position can opt-out if they are a bad fit, saving everyone time and money.

3. Save Money on Recruitment

Companies can save significantly on recruitment and turnover by fully appreciating their hiring needs and planning accordingly. A proven way to do this is to maintain a talent pipeline. A company with a full talent network simplifies the hiring process by dramatically decreasing time-to-hire. The best organizations are able to maintain relationships with highly qualified candidates, putting their recruiters in a position to hire best-fit candidates quickly. This is ideal for companies in the airline industry, particularly during busy hiring seasons.

Aviation recruiters in Wichita are in the business of maintaining a substantial network of aviation talent. This allows them to locate and screen candidates for their client companies quickly. With expertise in screening applicants, recruiters can determine which ones have the abilities and personalities that a particular client is seeking. This helps to maintain efficiency and morale, which translates into indirect savings.  Partnering with aviation recruiters in Wichita also passes along costs associated with advertising costs and screening employees.

4. Utilize Technological Advancements in the Recruitment Process

Staffing agencies in Wichita also have the latest recruitment tools for their industry. If your company hasn’t invested in these tools, partnering with an agency is a great way to access the newest, proven recruitment technologies. These tools include:

  • Premade assessments. Online tests can quickly assess applicants’ proficiency in key competencies, and these tests are particularly useful for the kind of technical hiring that happens in the aviation industry.
  • Automated chatbots are an effective way to schedule interviews and ask candidates simple questions that require simple answers. Chatbots free up humans to conduct more in-depth interactions with promising candidates.
  • Applicant Tracking System. Most recruiters use an ATS the track candidates and store information on them. These platforms organize the recruitment and hiring process to make it more streamlined and efficient.

5. Staffing Agencies Provide the Expertise and Experience to Secure the Right Talent

Recruiting the right people goes far beyond assessing their technical skills and knowledge. It is incredibly important for recruiters to consider cultural fit, not just aptitude. Recruiters who purely focus on technical ability run the risk of hiring candidates who don’t mesh well with the existing team.

Aviation recruiters in Wichita understand the different cultures in the local aviation industry. They also understand the general culture of the local aviation workforce. This puts them in a unique position to factor in company culture when hiring for a client. This helps to minimize turnover and bring exceptional talent to organizations that would otherwise have difficulty finding them.

6. Wichita Staffing Agencies Collaborate with Aviation Schools and Training Centers to Find Quality Talent

From aviation programs at Wichita State University to local private institutions, aviation recruiters in Wichita can provide access to up-and-coming talent in a way that isn’t possible using job boards and aviation industry connections.

Local recruiters help aspiring aviation professionals reach their career trajectories by providing them with an inside track to local companies. Aviation recruiters in Wichita can also provide guidance to these young professionals to help them connect with organizations that best fit their ambitions and education.

7. Aviation Recruiters Have In-Depth Knowledge of the Airline Industry

Many local companies take a more general approach to staffing. While these companies provide much-needed service, they likely don’t have specialized aviation recruiters who use in-depth knowledge of the industry to serve job seekers and employers better.

An aircraft recruitment agency in Wichita is built on its industry connections and leverages those daily. They understand the current challenges the industry is facing, and they also know how to provide candidates with in-depth details on open positions that go further than any job description ever could. Aviation recruiters in Wichita are better equipped to unearth passive candidates currently employed but may be interested in a more attractive open position.

An underappreciated benefit of partnering with an aircraft recruitment agency in Wichita is the fact that the recruitment company can act as a kind of labor consultant. Recruitment companies must keep up with the latest trends and look ahead to the near future. They have their ear to the ground and can pass along knowledge that a company wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. This finger on the pulse can help to keep your company from making labor missteps and better planning for the future.

8. Ensuring Compliance with Aviation Industry Regulations

Companies in the aviation industry know all too well that they are heavily regulated. Complying with regulations can be much easier when a company brings in competent talent who understands the importance of sticking to best practices.

An aircraft recruitment agency in Wichita understands the importance of aviation industry regulations and how they relate to the recruitment process. These agencies use detailed screening processes to identify certified professionals or those properly qualified for an open position. They also use interviews to ensure that candidates can meet the expectations established by various regulations. These agencies can also conduct rigid screening processes for their clients, allowing companies to maintain high standards without Directly impacting their employer brand.

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