Level Up: Why Now Is the Best Time to Add Top Talent to Your Wichita Team

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Level Up: Why Now Is the Best Time to Add Top Talent to Your Wichita Team

For Wichita companies looking to add top talent to their workforce, now is the perfect time to make it happen. Current shifts in the labor and job markets are creating excellent opportunities by increasing access to skilled, experienced professionals. Plus, with the new year approaching quickly, a quick influx of talent is beginning, and that spells good news for employers that need to elevate their Wichita teams.

If you’re wondering why now is the best time to add top talent to your Wichita workforce, here’s what you need to know.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Add Top Talent to Your Wichita Team

Workforce Participation Is Rising

When it comes to prime-age workers, workforce participation is on the rise. This year, it surpassed pre-pandemic levels, eliminating the participation gap that previously existed among people aged 25 to 54. That’s good news for employers looking to elevate their Wichita teams, as it’s a sign that skilled professionals are available.

While it’s easy to assume that means companies have time on their side, it doesn’t mean that employers should delay. The unemployment rate in Wichita remains low, so companies that wait could still miss out on top talent if they don’t make a move quickly. As a result, organizations should capitalize on existing conditions, ensuring they’re able to meet their hiring goals efficiently.

The Job Market is Tightening

Rising workforce participation coupled with some companies scaling back their hiring has tightened the job market. For companies looking to shore up their workforce, this is excellent news. Fewer available openings mean less competition for top talent. Plus, it’s cooling wage expectations, which can help you secure skilled, experienced workers without needing to boost salaries as dramatically.

Now, it’s still wise to ensure that your wages meet or exceed what’s available through local competitors. By doing so, it’s far easier to attract attention from the best and brightest active and passive job seekers. Instead, it simply signals that staying ahead of the curve is easier, allowing you to secure exceptional talent without busting your budget.

The New Year Brings in More Candidates

With the new year approaching, many professionals are evaluating their careers and setting their sights on the future. Often, that triggers an increase in candidates. Plus, candidate engagement is typically incredibly high, as professionals are actively working to make their year-end goals or New Year’s resolutions a reality.

Essentially, by seeking out new hires today, you can capitalize on the influx of talent. By also hiring quickly, you can scoop up candidates when they’re most enthusiastic, too, which can work in your favor.

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