Embracing Language Diversity: The Growing Importance of Bilingual Talent

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Embracing Language Diversity: The Growing Importance of Bilingual Talent

When companies hire, language diversity isn’t typically at the top of their minds. However, making it a priority provides organizations with a strategic advantage. Bringing bilingual and multilingual talent on board allows employers to capture a variety of benefits. Here’s a look at why hiring more bilingual and multilingual employees is a smart move, as well as what you can do to increase your access to talent.

The Benefits of Hiring Bilingual or Multilingual Talent

Enhance Internal Communication

While the vast majority of working professionals in the United States speak English, the US is a very diverse country. As a result, many people who live and work in the US don’t speak English as their primary language, and some may not be fully comfortable with the English language.

Since communication is critical to ensuring cohesiveness, having bilingual and multilingual staff members is increasingly essential. It allows your workforce to communicate more efficiently, all while reducing the odds of misunderstandings. Typically, improved communication capabilities lead to productivity gains, allowing your workforce to accomplish more in less time since collaboration is functionally streamlined.

Access More Talent

Often, having bilingual or multilingual employees on board expands your access to talent. You can consider candidates who have exceptional technical and soft skills but aren’t overly proficient in English. You may even face less competition from competitors while pursuing these job seekers, allowing you to leverage an untapped talent resource to your advantage.

Additionally, actively advertising your interest in bilingual and multilingual candidates could draw in a surprising number of job seekers. Many candidates view these roles as signs of a company that values diversity and inclusion, and since an increasing number of job seekers view those as priorities, seeking out bilingual and multilingual candidates could help position your company as an employer of choice.

Support a Broader Customer Base

Just as not all professionals speak English as their primary language, your customers may also favor another language. By having a multilingual team available to support them, you can connect with those consumers with greater ease.

In many cases, a multilingual workforce can even serve as a differentiator. You may attract new customers who weren’t considering your company’s products or services previously, all because they can get support in their preferred language.

Bringing bilingual and multilingual employees on board can also make expanding internationally easier. You’ll already have the necessary professionals in place to support a global customer base, streamlining a critical part of the expansion.

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