In-Demand Transferrable Skills Employers Are Looking for in 2024

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In-Demand Transferrable Skills Employers Are Looking for in 2024

If you’re considering a career change in 2024, transferrable skills are your ticket to success. Transferrable skills are capabilities that are leverageable outside of your original field. Essentially, they serve as a way for you to provide value to a wide array of employers, allowing them to support your goal of securing a new career.

As with field-related capabilities, specific transferrable skills are in demand this year. If you want to find out which capabilities employers are looking for in 2024, here’s an overview of the skills companies are seeking.

In-Demand Transferrable Skills Employers Are Looking for in 2024

Project Management

Companies always need experienced professionals to oversee projects they want to undertake, and that makes project management a highly valuable transferable skill. While you may have experience in a specific industry, the fundamentals of project management aren’t sector-specific. Instead, they apply to projects at nearly every company, making it a capability that’s easy to leverage.


Nearly every organization harnesses the power of technology in some form or fashion. Since that’s the case, professionals who are adept at learning new technologies quickly are usually in higher demand than those who struggle. Essentially, that makes tech-savviness an in-demand transferable skill, as it allows you to adapt to the tech used in a new workplace with greater ease.


Communication is one of the transferable skills that applies to practically every position. Professionals in all industries need to be able to convey information to their colleagues to handle a variety of tasks. Similarly, communication is the foundation of customer support.

Without communication, collaboration is also harder to achieve. As a result, employers will always favor candidates with strong communication skills, regardless of the industry they were in while honing their capability.


When it comes to high-value transferable skills, problem-solving is one of the most widely-sought ones. Every role comes with its fair share of challenges, and obstacles that need navigating are almost guaranteed to happen. Problem-solving skills allow you to find viable solutions efficiently, and that makes it an exceptionally valuable capability in the eyes of employers.


Leadership is an in-demand transferable skill for many reasons. At a minimum, leadership capabilities allow you to guide others toward success, ensuring you and your team excel. It can also make you more effective at organizing large projects, teaching others new skills, and more.

Additionally, many companies favor candidates with leadership skills since they often have significant long-term potential. Essentially, you can become part of their succession plan, as the organization knows you have the potential to become a strong manager. As a bonus, that could make landing promotions – as well as any training or other opportunities you need to secure them – far easier, allowing you to elevate your career with less effort.

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