The Needle in the Haystack: How to Find Quality Candidates

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The Needle in the Haystack: How to Find Quality Candidates

As many millions of Americans are still unemployed as a result of the recent financial downturn and virus-related shutdowns, employers across the country are finding themselves in the unique situation of having more job applicants than ever before.  

For companies without large on-boarding departments, this uptick in qualified candidates isn’t exactly making in hiring process any easier. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  

Here are 5 tips from the staffing experts at Top Notch Personal on how to find, hire, and retain quality job candidates in an era of unprecedented unemployment:  

1.) Visualize Your Ideal Candidate 

The first step in finding the perfect employee is having a crystal-clear visualization of the kind of employee you want in the role. Before you do anything else, answer the following questions:  

  • What skills are absolutely required for this position? 
  • What is your base-level experience requirement for the position?  
  • What kind of abstract and/or intangible qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

2.) Utilize Your Current Employees to Develop a Search Strategy 

Attracting top talent to your company requires an understanding of not only what potential employees are looking for in a job, but also what your current employees enjoy about working with you. What factors are driving your employee retention? What are the best parts of working for you? 

3.) Craft Engaging, Detailed Job Descriptions 

Lay it all out in the job description, leaving no room for ambiguity. Don’t exaggerate, falsify, or obfuscate the position’s responsibilities. By making it crystal clear the first time around, you can save yourself valuable time lost to incorrect impressions.   

4.) Encourage Employee Referrals 

For many skilled American workers, the most immediate driving force behind changing positions is because a friend or respected colleague encouraged them to. When an employee has good things to say about their place of work, they will become natural (and free) employment ambassadors. 

5.) Partner with an Expert Staffing Agency or Recruiting Firm  

No matter what is going on with the job market, the economy, or the country, hiring the right person for the first time is always the best way for a company to get ahead.

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