How Wichita Companies Can Expand or Contract their Workforce as Needed through a Temp Staffing Agency

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How Wichita Companies Can Expand or Contract their Workforce as Needed through a Temp Staffing Agency

From the lingering effects of COVID-19 to the massive ongoing disruption of artificial intelligence in the workplace, companies are having to deal with a lot of volatility in the labor market. One way that companies are creating a buffer against future disruption is by embracing a more flexible approach to their workforces.

Given the realities of today’s labor market, companies need flexibility to continue meeting their operational needs. Tomorrow’s workforce will appear significantly different than today’s, and rather than taking a wait-and-see approach or blaming factors outside their control, companies should evolve their labor model with the help of a staffing agency.

A staffing agency can also help companies address a longstanding labor problem: the mismatch between the abilities that people have and the ones employers want to find. In addition to offering a flexible staffing model, staffing companies can help their clients quickly find people with the necessary skills. Having a large pool of talent, years of collective experience, and the latest staffing technology, agencies can help businesses cut the time it takes to get people in the door and help new workers hit the ground running.

The misconception that only low-skill professionals work with staffing agencies is becoming more outdated by the day. All kinds of people are embracing more flexible approaches to work, as it’s an efficient way for people to accommodate their personal responsibilities and achieve an ideal work-life balance.

The labor market in Wichita isn’t much different than it is in the rest of the country. Employers face the challenge of managing fluctuating demands while maintaining cost-effectiveness. One effective solution for local companies is to partner with a company that provides staffing services in Wichita. These companies can quickly expand or contract their workforce as needed, which translates into all kinds of business benefits.

What Benefits Do Temp Staffing Agencies Provide to Businesses in Wichita

Hiring a new full-time employee is a major investment in terms of financial cost and productivity lost due to the demands of hiring and onboarding new employees. Even if a new employee works out initially, the situation can change thanks to all the volatility in today’s labor market. A recession or major crisis might force a company to lay off employees. Evolving technology like AI might significantly change jobs, and employees who cannot change the times will struggle to provide value to their employer.

Temp services in Wichita and beyond allow businesses to employ contingent workers who remain employed as long as their services are needed. Companies can use this flexibility to fill temporary talent gaps, address surges in demand, limit labor costs and quickly find important skill sets. Many companies also use a temp-to-hire arrangement that involves temporary employees getting a “trial run” add a position before being offered full-time employment.

Temp Staffing Agencies Provide a Rapid Access to Qualified Temporary Workers

One of the greatest benefits of local companies using a Wichita temp agency is the quick access to qualified candidates.

When a company uses flexible staffing, it doesn’t have to invest a lot of time in conventional approaches to hiring. Staffing companies do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ — allowing their clients to stay focused on their core activities until it’s time to assess the highest quality candidates.

Because it’s central to their business model, staffing companies are dedicated to maintaining a pool of talent, from which they can quickly source top talent. When a business partners with a staffing company, it reaps the benefits of all that hard work. Rather than competing with many other employers on job boards, local companies that use a temp staffing agency in Wichita spend less time and have better odds of finding the needed talent.

Temp Staffing Agencies Provide Streamlined Hiring and Onboarding

Data and analytics are changing every industry, and staffing is no exception. Modern staffing agencies use technology to maintain a pool of talent, track potential candidates, track hiring processes, provide transparency, and more. When your company partners with a temp agency, it gains access to all of the value being provided by the use of this specialized technology.

Many staffing agencies will also follow up and new hires to make sure they are having success in their first days and weeks. For new employees, having a staffing agency to talk to can be reassuring, as an agency can provide a more objective perspective. At the same time, the agency, your company, and the new worker are all working towards the same goal of the worker having success in their position.

Your company can help with the streamlining of hiring and onboarding processes by being involved. When you provide as much information as possible to a Wichita temp agency, the agency is in the best position to find candidates who are most likely to succeed.

Temporary Staffing in Wichita Ensures a Smooth Integration of Workers

The smooth integration of workers can and should go much deeper than onboarding processes. Companies and temp staffing agencies in Wichita can work deliberately to cultivate a group of contingent workers that can be brought in and smoothly reintegrated.

Both your company and its staffing partner must be invested and cultivating this group of workers for it to happen. The reward is having a group of familiar workers who can support your company without having to make the same investments as it would to hire them full-time.

Temp Staffing Services are Cost-Effective and Prove ROI

Temp services in Wichita provide a direct return on investment by minimizing costs associated with full-time employment, reducing hiring time, and reducing the number of bad hires. In fact, these services can provide a competitive advantage over organizations that choose not to use them. Research from Deloitte has shown companies that use staffing services are better positioned to handle the volatility of modern business.

To make the most return on investment, your company should create a flexible staffing strategy. Start by figuring out your company’s key talent needs. Then, identify ways that staffing services in Wichita can speak to your operations and main business goals. Recognize any skills gaps and figure out which roles could be filled with temporary employees. Consider if any positions could be transitioned to as-needed roles that a Wichita temp agency would fill.

An internal review with key stakeholders can help to identify flexible staffing opportunities and adjust strategy accordingly. While your company might need flexible staffing for one department or type of position, these are still useful conversations that could lead to providing value to all parts of the organization.

Partner with a Temp Staffing Agency in Wichita During a Recession to Handle the Fluctuations of Workforce Demand

At Top Notch, we offer a number of temporary staffing services — each of which is targeted to provide value and flexibility. Our temp services in Wichita include the following:

  • Temporary and contract workers. This service is the best way to quickly add staff in key areas of your business while keeping costs down. We can easily scale up or scale down temporary and contract worker services to meet the needs of your business.
  • Temp-to-hire workers. This service is a great way to try out promising potential employees who may be switching careers or returning to the workforce after a hiatus. It’s also a smart way to avoid costly bad hires.
  • Direct hiring. Did you companies that offer staffing services in Wichita offer direct hire services? While we are mostly known for our temp services, we often connect companies with talented folks for full-time positions.

In addition to offering those staffing services, we also provide payroll services that alleviate did administrative burden on your HR staff. We can handle payroll for your contract workforce or your entire staff, whatever you need. As a local company, we’re also better positioned to address your payroll concerns than a national provider.

If you would like to know more about how Top Notch Personnel can make your company more flexible and competitive, please visit our contact page to learn more.